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I tried the program for 3 months and only lost about 12 pounds total. For almost starving yourself on 1000 calories, I should have lost more than that and come to find out that soy, which is the protein in many of their foods, is really bad for your thyroid. While some people can lose weight on this program, if your thyroid is compromised, this is not a good choice for you. One of my coaches and my doctor told me to eat more protein because I wasn't losing weight on this program, and if I'm going to do that I may as well not spend the $300... Read more

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The only person at Medifast in Minnetonka that was helpful or motivating was the person selling the program! From then on all weekly visits are done by people that are just putting in their time. They only cared about my picking out the products I wanted for the next week. Not one person there is trained in nutrition or counseling . The television ads say dietitian on staff. Not true! No one knows any more about nutrition than a six year old. The ultimate was being at a social professional cocktail party only to see one of the... Read more

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This is the second time I seriously have used the Medifast plan. The first time I was 265 pounds (I'm a male 6 foot 2 inches 66 years old today). A fellow teacher introduced me to the program and I lost 68 pounds. It has been quite a few years (since Thanksgiving 2008) and I over the years gained back to 348 pounds. This was my fault- I like to eat. I'm a scuba diver and wanted to take a solo scuba diving class in Florida. The instructor told me that he would not let me take the class if I was over weight. That was my incentive for sticking to... Read more

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Let me say I LOVE THE PRODUCT. Had a problem reciently ad customer service was SPECTACULAR. My issue is that I get multi emails about discounts available but when I called I was told that : 1. "That offer is only for NEW ADVANTAGE customers." 2. "That offer expired yesterday". 3. "That offer expired a week ago,and there are NO promotions available right now." I have read every word of all th offers that pop up on my computer and I do not see any reference to "NEW ADVANTAGE ONLY",or this offer will expire on such and such date. I have... Read more

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Today at 4:25 I received an email from TransformU telling me that the Alexandria (VA) Medifast center will be closing 6/13/15. That my options are to travel to another state..Maryland to continue my contract or I can use the online service!! I didn't pay to use the online service..ugh!! Nothing like a weeks notice!! And we are all offered a 20% on food at our center..that's if there is any left. I love my center and the people that work there and I couldn't have lost the 25lbs without them. I'm so mad because I only have a few more pounds to... Read more

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Medifast destroyed my body. I was 172 pounds for several years. Then my friend who I lived with introduced me to Medifast. She bought the food and we shared for the Summer in 2013. By 2014 I weighed 210 pounds, after losing only 25 on the system and then GAINED BACK 50 POUNDS IN ONE *** YEAR. At first I felt like sueing them for ruining me - but money won't give me my body back. I have cried many times just looking in the mirror and desperately trying to find clothes that I can hide in. But let's face it, a 200 pound person can't hide in... Read more

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I have been a good client for 9 weeks now,spending about $260 a month.This month my order was due on the 16th.Went to order the food and found they had automatically ordered it the day before,repeating last months order.I called to change it and was told I can't.The person on the phone said it "processes the day before it is actually due" and there's nothing that can be done!!WHAT??? It's MY money,My order,and why would you process it the day before???I'm DONE with this company!! They suck,and their practices are unethical at the... Read more

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I was in the York Pennsylvania store and it appeared as though one of the workers was high on something. Her eyes were bloodshot and her actions weird. I guess this company does not drug test. Add comment

I had a consult for information to lose 50 pounds. The cost was too much. Plus almost $100 per week for food. I don't spend that much now. I'll have my doctor right a consult with a Nutritionist, where my insurance will pay, and I can eat real food. I'll be saving thousands of dollars over 2 years! Add comment

I have been on the Medifast program for 9 weeks. As I write this it is February 8, 2015 and since December 5, 2014 I have lost 43 pounds. I have gone from 342 pounds to 299. It is cheaper than eating the way I used to eat, not too difficult to follow and my coach is great. I have blogged about it every week since starting it. I plateaued, but stuck with it and broke through. You are welcome to follow my progress at: I really just want other people to see the challenges and successes this program has.... Read more

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