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I started the Medifast program in March 2011 for weight loss. I developed painful gout in the first week. I'd never had gout in my life. The condition persisted through 2 steriod treatments. Both feet were crippled; I had to use crutches.

Upon my doctor's recommendation, I ceased the program. The gout went away. Then I started again and immediately developed gout again.

The company refused to take back any unopened product, saying their was no proof the gout was due to their product. They weren't even very nice about it. The program was painful AND expensive. Never again.

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Their meals are very much soy based. Check to see if you are allergic to soy.

On an aside, I have been on the Medifast program since Dec 1st, 2010. They predicted April 10th to reach my "goal" of 55lbs net loss. I have stalled at 40 lbs, since mid April and have not been able to lose weight eating their products. My body has adapted to "ketosis" very similar to the American Eskimo, where it no longer burns fat in this method.

(I told them that prior attempts at losing weight this way resulted in the same "plateau"). We are trying several different avenues, but over 2 1/2 months PAST my predicted goal date is ridiculous, for the amount of money you pay. Yes I still use their meal replacements but no more than 4 per day (and vary it between 3-4, with an increase of green veggies). Even the "nutrition counselors" who are professionals in this area can't answer my questions as to why the extended stall on my weight loss, despite following their program verbatim.

It's been very frustrating, and despite their claims (and guarantees) this program is NOT for everyone. Know your body and insist on talking to the doctor/medical professional in charge.

to Karen Salem, Massachusetts, United States #973634

probably it stalls because EVERYONE reaches a plateau unless incorporating exercise. i don't do this program nor can i as i have hashimotos thyroiditis but some of these comments are ridiculous typical lazy American statements.

There is NO miracle cure ppl ok u HAVE to exercise calorie in vs calorie out. I am saying this as a person who LOATHES to exercise. Also the soy could have made u develop thyroid problems and thus an inability to lose weight easily. That us how I discovered my Hashimotos.

I used to eat a TON of soy i just loved edamame and soy hot dogs, im vegetarian, I tried to diet and cut out carbs totally i ate meat at the time so i would make turkey sandwiches in lettuce not bread, no snacking weight lose that is how i first new something was up and sure enough after i had to MAKE my dr test my thyroid it came back low and then shown antibodies that its hashimotos.

so if i were u i would get my thyroid tested. having hypothyroidism has caused me to stay at this plateau for years no matter what i what to diet


It was probably an allergic reaction.

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